Off The Grid (video)

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From Carolyn Jarvis at Global News, a video portrait of Lasqueti:
16x9 The Bigger Picture: Off The Grid

Would love to hear what Lasquetians think about this - comment below...


Living Off The Grid T. V. Documentary

I think the documentary just aired a day or so ago. I've already had a couple of calls from people (In Saskatoone) who saw it, and want to come to Lasqueti and stay at my B. and B. and look around and possibly buy property here, because they liked what they saw on the show. They are, like many people, dreaming the dream, that we here on Lasqueti are lucky enough to be living. I think, that just because wer'e lucky enough to be here, doesn't mean we can pull up the draw bridge, and not let anyone else come over to play. I think that , if there is property for sale here, and people want to come and buy, it's better to have people come who can see the simple, eccentric, lifestyle we do actually live, and want to be part of it. Who do you want for a new neighbor, someone who wants to buy property here because it's cheaper on Lasqueti, than on any of the other of the Gulf Islands, or someone who has a dream to live our lifestyle? Dazy

The problem is.....

That these people come here and import their vision of how they're going to change Lasqueti for the better. They talk about how "they" will teach "us" what off-grid living is really like; and then assume because they're loaded with money and privilege that they can buy their way in and shove that vision down everyone's throat, versus listening to the local community about how the local people want it.

Personally, I'm against more development out here. The island is aready beyond carrying capacity, much like our little blue planet. It' time we all sat down and figured out how we're all going to deal with a future where there is less, not more.


Off The Grid

"These People" are you and me baby. We all came here at some time. Some of the coolest people I know on the Island are people who only arrived in the last few years. Dazy

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