perennial that sheep don't eat?

Can anyone suggest low lying perennials that sheep won't eat? I've heard about oregano and thyme - do sheep avoid these?

appreciate the experienced reply,

Sheila :)


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Sheep and deer don't seem to

Sheep and deer don't seem to touch catmint (nepeta) a pretty low growing (12" high), drought tolerant, herb. (At least in my yard, so far) It has blue flowers that bees like.

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our sheep...

don't seem to like Oregano for sure, nor do they seem to touch the perrywinkle.  But, they are well fed sheep ;-)

Of course both these can be fairly invasive and hard to control, so think carefully about where they are planted.

Salal seems to be universally shunned... but you've probably got lots of that around for exactly that reason :-)