Richardson Bay Artifacts

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This collection of artifacts were found from various locations around Richardson Bay and the Douglas Farm.  Some artifacts found off of Lasqueti are also included in the collection (H [Spear point], J [Petrified bone], O [abraded slate])

A  - was found on the canal between North and South Pender.  It is a beveled ground slate spear point, that is characteristic of the period 3500-2400 years ago.  This canal once boasted one of the most important archaeological sites in the Gulf of Georgia with an extensive cemetery dating from about 5500 - 2000 years ago.  The site, and its ancient cemetery has now been largely destroyed by development.

B -I  -- Most of these chipped stone points are "non-specific" styles, that is, they could have been made and used any time in the past.  The one exception to this is spear point "C" which, based on style, likely dates between 3500 - 2400 years ago.  This point, along with B, D, F G, I , were all found in the Douglas Farm bluebary patch, inland from the coast, at an elevation of about 80 m above sea level.  We are seeing a pattern on Lasqueti where these older point styles are being found in people's gardens away from the coast.

Artifacts E, K, L, M, N, P, Q were all from the midden in Richardson Bay.  There is nothing particularly "datable" about this collection.  The slate piece (N) indicate that it dates any time in the last 3500 years.  Slate is not local to Lasqueti and was thus brought in via trade or some other economic connection to the people who lived near the slate source.  There is suposedly a major source of slate at the head of Jervis Inlet.




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