Lasqueti's Coast Salish name

In several Coast Salish Indigenous languages in BC, Lasqueti's name is  Xweh et tay, meaning "yew tree".  

Of this place name, the late Karen Galligos of Tla'amin First Nation shared that her Elders said this name refers to “a strong wood, a wood they used to make wedges” .  According to Karen, the word “Xweth” is a wedge, and that the island has this name because of the abundance of iron wood (yew) trees.

Listen to the attached recording of Tla’amin Elder Dr. Elsie Qaxustala’s Paul saying Xweh et tay. With thanks to Tla’amin educator Gail Blaney. 

If you're interested in other Tla'amin place names in the Salish sea visit

Lasqueti place name (Elsie Paul Dec. 2020 (mp4)1.69 MB


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