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LINC works to conserve the natural ecosystems of Lasqueti Island and its surrounding islands and waters by facilitating education, stewardship and acquisition of legal interests in land.  Contact us: linc at  250-333-8754

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Point Young Protected!

All funds have been raised!  Thank you so much everyone for your support to protect Young Point. With Squitty Bay, Salish View and Point Young Point, now 374 acres of contiguous coastal land are conserved for nature, for all people, forever. 

We are grateful that these areas are now a refuge for the birds, amphibians, fish, butterflies, sea mammals and all the other innumerable creatures. A big thank you goes out to the BC Parks Foundation, Andrew Day and staff, the Board and the fabulous donors who made it all happen.

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Summer 2021 Newtletter:

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Annual Report and Minutes from May 2021 Annual General Meeting:

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Help us protect Lasqueti's natural ecosystems. Donate by sending a cheque to LINC,  General Delivery, Lasqueti Island, BC,V0R 2J0 or donating through CanadaHelps.


You can help us with restoration of this and other protected lands on Lasqueti. Donate by Mail: Send a cheque directly to LINC General Delivery, Lasqueti Island, BC V0R 2J0  On-line via E-transfers to linc at

Green Legacies Guide for BC - case studies, and financial details on donating land, money, or other gifts.

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LINC is a member of the American Friends of Canadian Conservation (AFCC) info [at] conservecanada [dot] org, phone number is 360-515-7171. "All of us at American Friends look forward to working with you in the future to increase donations from US taxpayers who care about your special part of Canada, and to protect strategic properties that they own!"

Send your cheque to Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy or LINC, GD, Lasqueti island BC V0R 2J0. Go to our facebook page to find out more!

Protected Areas on Lasqueti:

Salish View Nature Reserve: The conservation of this outstanding 11.6 hectare (28-acre) property will extend the protection of Squitty Bay Provincial Marine Park from the seashore to the ridegtop, offer a public hiking trail through a rare old growth Douglas -fir grove, protect additional habitat for species at risk, and sequester carbon, mitigating climate change.

Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve: owned by the Islands Trust Conservancy, donated by a local family, As of July 2013, LINC and the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust (NALT) registered a conservation covenant on the property. Now we now have a local voice on management and protection of this wonderful site! 

Osland Nature Reserve, owned by the Islands Trust Conservancy, donated by Johnny Osland, and as of the fall of 2014, LINC and the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust registered a conservation covenant on the site.  

Kwell Nature Reserve, owned by the Islands Trust Conservancy, with a covenant held by NALT & TLC.


Squitty Bay Park - and now Point Young, tbc ownership of Point Young

There is also the Ecological Reserve on the southeastern side of the island, plus a number of outer islands including the Finnerties, Fegans and Jedidiah nearby! 

Lasqueti Island, Conserving this Special PlaceCheck out our Booklet and find out about the many conservation options available to help conserve this Special Place!  

Read the full report: Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change through the Conservation of Nature, by Richard Hebda and Sara J Wilson. 

Forage Fish: 

Forage Fish on Lasqueti Island - learn about this important fish that feeds our chinook and many other marine creatures!
Shorelines & forage fish poster
Shorelines poster (for Pender, but relevant here)
Here are the maps that show the forage fish confirmed and suitable beaches on Lasqueti for forage fish spawning:
Suitable Beaches for Forage Fish
Confirmed forage fish beaches on Lasqueti 
Overview of Suitable Beaches for forage fish with 8 pages of details (by Ramona DeGraf
Lasqueti Island Forage Fish Team (LIFFT) wins Islands Trust Fund's 2013 Stewardship Award!

Annual Reports & AGM Minutes

Annual Report 2020-21 and Minutes from May 2021 Annual General Meeting

*LINC's 2019-20 Annual Report

*LINC's 2018-19 Annual Report

* LINC's 2017-18 Annual Report

* LINC's 2016-17 Annual Report

* LINC's 2015-16 Annual Report


Winter 2021 Newtletter: Krummholdz at Young Point, Trees, Mt. Trematon Study Update and Big Thank You, by Cora Skaien, Forest and Climate Change Adaptation, by Richard Hebda, Cattails, by Wendy Schneible, Book Review: Mushrooms of British Columbia, by Ken Lertzman, Restoration at Osland & Salish View Reserves, Community Survey Highlights, Seen in Passing

Summer 2021 Newtletter: Butterflies and Bees on Lasqueti, Five year Biodiversity Study at Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve, New Chapter in Bat Conservation, Book Review: To Speak for the Trees, Cedar Dieback in Coastal BC, Salmonberry-Rubus Spectabilis, Seen in Passing

Spring 2021 Newtletter: Spring Birds Migrating, Salish View Trail Complete, "Christmas Bird Counts 2020, 2019, 2010, 2003, Herring A Cultural Keystone species in the Strait of Georgia,  Book Review: The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humbolt's New World, Mushrooms & Lichens found in the winter/spring on Lasqueti and their uses, Seen in Passing

Autumn 2020: Marine restoration, Pandemics and Wildlife, Shifting Baselines, Crabapple, Wetlands, and more

Summer 2020: Ferns on Lasqueti and surrounding islands, Bur Chervil, Saskatoons, Jedediah Island Protected 2 years, SeaChange's work on Lasqueti

Spring 2020: Spring Wildflowers, Native and Invasives (White fawn lily, and Spurge Laurel, Ways of Giving (Bequests in a will), bat update, 120th Bird Count Report

Fall 2019 here: Wild Species Protected at Salish View, Bigleaf Maple, Canada Thistle, Update on Bats, and A Huge thank you to all plus Thank you Poster to donors for Salish VIew

Summer 2019: (The Western toads of Lasqueti Island, Native & Invasive Plants (Oceanspray & Yellow Flag Iris), Leithen M'Gonigle's Bee Talk, Conservation Options)

Spring 2019: (Climate Change and What we can Do, Bird Count & other Citizen Science, Salish View update)

Fall 2018:  (Birds in Winter, Update on fencing at Osland Reserve, Salish View Opp.) 

Summer 2018: (Lasqueti's Forests - a rarity, The Value of Trees, Salish View - some answers to common questions)

Spring 2018: (Sentinals of our Coast - Breat Blue Herons, Christmas Bird Count, Fundraising for Salish View!)

Fall 2017 Newsletter: (How Healthy are Lasqueti's Forests, Beach Clean up) 

Summer 2017 Newsletter: (Sea Grass Studies, Species at Risk on Lasqueti, Forage Fish Map)
Spring 2017 Newsletter: (Christmas bird count, Las. Is. Forage Fish Team, Beavers & their habitat on the Gulf Islands, more on bats)


Fall 2016 Newsletter: (We've Got Bats, Squitty Bay Day, microplastics and clean up of our oceans ...

Summer, 2016: (Forage Fish Matters, Watching & Conserving Butterflies, Got Bats?)

Spring, 2016: (Herring - A Troubling Trajectory,  Pollinators, Christmas Bird Count)

Fall, 2015: (Alligator Lizards, Mt Trematon protection)

Summer, 2015: (Sea Stars, 2014-15 Annual Report, Osland Nature Reserve)

Spring, 2015: (Newts & Pacific Chorus Frogs, Osland Nature Reserve, Spring Birds)

Winter, 2014: (Christmas Bird Count, 2014 Report, Protection with a Conservation Covenant) 

Summer, 2014: (Western Purple Martin, Herring in the Bay) 

Spring, 2014: (Rigid Apple Moss SAR, Map of protected areas on Lasqueti, Crown lands)

Fall, 2013: (introductory issue, why conservation, projects & achievements to date)


The purposes of the society are:

1. To preserve and protect the environment by acquiring interests in land in order to conserve its natural features for the benefit of the public.

2.  To advance education by providing lectures, workshops and written materials to the public on the topic of conservation of the environment.

Current Directors:

President: Gordon Scott
Vice-President: Wendy Schneible
Secretary/Treasurer: Sheila Harrington
at large: Hilary Duinker, Ken Lertzman, James Schwartz, Duane West


LINC wins Islands Trust Fund's 2008 Stewardship Award

Society members and many residents and visitors to Lasqueti helped with the successful Squitty Bay acquisition campaign in 2007.

LINC was incorporated in 2007 as a non-profit society in BC.

In 2012 we received charitable status BN: 848485595 RR0001.

LINC receives donations of land, money and volunteer time. Please contact us if you would like to consider putting LINC in your Will. 

Salish View Acquisition Campaign and Restoration

Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy (LINC) would like to thank all the volunteers who helped us plant native wetland plants in the new restoration site around the pond at Salish View.  All in all, we planted over 700 plants! The small pond at Salish View was surveyed in 2019 and found to have Northern Red-legged Frogs and the Little Brown Myotis Bats that are both species at risk in BC. Thus the biologists who did the initial baseline inventory of this new conservation property suggested that we create an exclosure for the pond and add some native wetland plants to help improve its biodiversity. This restoration project is part of a grant provided by the Islands Trust Conservancy to LINC with Species at Risk funds originating from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The exclosure was built earlier this fall using fencing materials sourced from the Striped Chicken. Many thanks to the Katimavik crew for bringing up the fencing materials, plus Duane who helped board members install the posts and fencing. Plants came from NALT’s native plant nursery and Saanich Native Plants in Victoria, which were brought on the ferry, then transported up the steep hill to the pond. The amazing and strong volunteers carried all 700+ plants up the hill and gave them their new life around the pond. Biologist Carrina directed us to the plants’ best locations, and the volunteers did the hard work. Thank you to all! We're excited to see how the site is transformed over the next few years as the plants grow up.

Press releaseSalish View Protected!

The Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy (LINC) is delighted to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal of $250,000 by Dec 21st 2018 to acquire the Salish View property. LINC is so grateful for all the support we received to acquire Salish View. With personal donations ranging from $10 to $10,000, over 150 neighbours, friends and conservation supporters contributed to the project. The Islands Trust Conservancy, ITC, our partner in the long term protection of the site, assisted with a matching grant and accepting new donations to add to the Lasqueti Acquisition Fund. Substantial grants from the Sitka Foundation, The Clayden family and Climate Change and Environment Canada came at a critical times in the process. A key factor in the success of the project was the original generosity of the landowners who agreed to donate 20% off the appraised fair market value to kick-start the fundraising. A huge thanks goes to all of you who generously contributed to the success of Salish View!. The conservation of this outstanding 11.6 hectare (28-acre) property will extend the protection of Squitty Bay Provincial Marine Park from the seashore to the ridegtop, offer a public hiking trail through a rare old growth Douglas -fir grove, protect additional habitat for species at risk, and sequester carbon, mitigating climate change. We will be inviting our generous donors to a public event which will take place later in the spring to celebrate our successful conservation of Salish View!  

Check out this video of the property. Thank you to the many donors who value conservation and have given so generously!