Peering into Lasqueti's Past

Learn how to say Lasqueti's Coast Salish name: Xwe’etay

The Arts Centre is run by the Community Arts Council whose purpose is to support and encourage all forms of creative expression in the community. There are two spaces, gallery and studio. The gallery is a venue for all forms of art : literary, musical, performance, film...


Makeke Marimba is a vibrant, energetic dance band from Lasqueti Island, B.C..  Our music is inspired by the Shona tradition of Zimbabwe. The music is based on ancient melodies and poly-rhythms originally played on mbira (elaborate wood and metal thumb pianos).

Specialzing in using local, natural and recycled materials, we are a collective of builders that can be hired to build with you or for you, to create whatever your heart desires. We are experienced in building everything from cob cabins, ovens and benches to installing natural insulation, earthen wall plasters and cob floors in any...

"Accidental Eden; Hippie Days on Lasqueti Island"
      by  Douglas Hamilton and Darlene Olesko

Lasqueti in the 1970's; the "back to the land" spirit, personal accounts, our "off the grid" activism, curious characters that passed through, and...

Stories of the back to the earth movement of the 1970's and 80's covering 5 years in Southern Oregon and 10 years on Lasqueti Island. 
One of these stories appears in the Lasqueti memoir of the time,  "Accidental Eden".

Ingo Dyrkton is a Lasqueti wood carver specializing in spoons, ladles, soup and salad bowls, as well as masks & sculpture.
Contact Ingo: 250-333-8627   toeclip2000 [at] yahoo [dot] ca

Gary Kollmuss - Custom Cabinets and Furniture.

Made on Lasqueti Island.


Luxurious goats milk soap hand crafted on Lasqueti Island using local milk, herbs and flowers.  

Rustic bath fizzies in the shape of birds eggs tucked three to a nest made of local rushes.

Hand-knit socks made on an antique circular sock machine.

Made with 75% Superwash Merino and 25% nylon

Machine wash and dry. 

Made to last, a worth while investment of your feet.

Can be custom made

Contact Gwyn at: gwyncole55 [at] gmail [dot]...

Jewelry by Marc


Hand wrought jewelry

Welding/fabrication...steel, stainless, aluminum, cast iron, whatever...

Plasma cutting

Tire repair

Ornamental iron and stainless work

Boat deliveries, local and international

Grain harvesting, cleaning, grinding, flour sales

Local maple syrup,

Nut busting (filberts,hazelnuts,walnuts,almonds)...

Lasqueti's Dance & Yoga Centre
Artistic Director: Denise Lieutaghi

dance [at] lasqueti [dot] ca
(250) 333-8698


"Home of Contact Improv on Lasqueti Island."

Levianthan offers both Contact Improv Dance and Naturual Building workshops and retreats on Lasqueti Island.

Please visit us at for more information.


One of a Kind & Custom Beaded Jewels

by Jessica Hepper   250-240-4683
     hepperjessica [at] yahoo [dot] ca

gifts from the sea.jpg

paintings , mosaics , collage , story-blocks,  glitter globes , shadow boxes...

valeriapainting [at] gmail [dot] com

250 - 333 -8691


Jane MacKay

You can see Jane's baskets at the Lasqueti Market.
Please call to enquire about what's in stock or to order a basket.


"Each coin starts out as casting grains or ingots of silver or gold. The molten metal is poured, shimmering, from a crucible into a mould which shapes it into a long slender bar...."

So begins the elaborate process of minting coins by hand, in small batches, on a rural island.
For more...


You can check out more of Colin's work, purchase his paintings, and watch videos of him creating his amazing "firecolour" portraits on his youtube chanell at