Arts Centre

Arts Centre

The Arts Centre is run by the Community Arts Council. It has a small gallery used for exhibitions, life drawing groups, creative projects, poetry classes, and film screenings, and a studio space for any kind of artistic projects.

To book space in the Art Gallery or Art Studio, please contact Valeria by phone or text (see Lasqueti phone book) or email: valeriapainting [at] gmail [dot] com

The booking calendars are available online so you can see at a glance what's going on at the Centre:

Currently, the Arts Centre has a weekly movie night. Check the Upcoming Events to the right, or the community calendar or Our Isle & Times for details.

Summary of Arts Council policy regarding use of the Arts Studio space:
The studio space was created specifically as  a working space for artists.

  • It is not available for meetings , parties , yoga , massage ,  workshops of a non - artistic nature , social gatherings , concerts , performances , or even  art shows .
    The gallery space is available for all of the above , and more .
  • Of course , lines can be blurred and , as with all rules , there are exceptions but please , please , please do not ask us to rent the studio for meetings , parties , concerts ,  etc .
    We will have to say no and feel bad about it.
  • Please do check out the space and keep it in mind as a community resource available for art making by all who wish .

This is public space , we really do want to share it , as long as it remains available for art - making , and does not become the north end community hall !