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There are two ways to access internet on Lasqueti:

1. Hotspot access

Hotspot access is a public service offered by LIAS in certain areas of Lasqueti - around the LIAS office and some areas of False Bay.    This is a limited service, intended as a convenience for Lasqueti residents and visitors, so you can get online for short tasks, like checking e-mail or looking up a local business.  Use is limited to ONE hour per day between 7am and 7pm.

2. Personal Home Use:  

To set up high speed internet at home, you will need a radio installed by one of our tech assistants to receive the wireless signal from our network.

The cost of set up varies from about $250 to $450 depending on each individual circumstance. ... For the internet service fees, see rates

If you are interested or want to learn if you can receive an internet signal, please contact us.

Lasqueti Wireless Rates

All accounts require a LIAS membership at a cost of $25/year

Term GB/mth Rate Payment Method
Hotspot 1 hour / day Free  
Monthly Options

Under 5 GB

Up to 20 GB

Up to 50 GB

Up to 100 GB





Paypal or Credit Card Only
Annual Light Under 5 GB $450/year Paypal, Credit Card, or Cheque
Annual Standard
5 - 20 GB $525/year Paypal, Credit Card, or Cheque

Annual Medium

21 - 50 GB


Paypal, Credit Card, or Cheque
Annual High 50 - 100 GB $875/year Paypal, Credit Card, or Cheque


Overage Charges

We all hate overage charges!  It is a pain for LIAS, and always unwelcome on your bill.  Please try to select a plan that meets your monthly bandwidth needs to avoid overage charges.  That said, LIAS pays for bandwidth, and must find ways to share that bandwidth fairly among our members - overage charges is our best idea:

$2 / GB over monthly plan limit

Please see LIAS Overage Policy for detailed information.

Renew Internet

Full time members:

You will receive an invoice via Paypal 30 days prior to the account due. You are able to pay for this invoice by credit card, Paypal account, cash or cheque.

Part Time members:

If you are only on lasqueti short term you may wish to contact us to confirm yoru internet will be active when you get here. This way we can either invoice you for a quarter or annual term, or we can provide you with your log in details to update your account as below:


To access your Lasqueti, LIAS usage or make payments online: 

For Gilles Bay GBIS:

To request your Log in name and password contact us.

Log in name:

You are able to view your usage from the “Summary” tab:

* want to know what a Gib and an MiB is?

or Make a Payment from the “Payments” tab, and pay via Paypal


Please note:

These accounts provide access to broadband internet connection, this is separate from your website and e-mail accounts.

Getting HelpLasqueti Wireless

- Having trouble with the sign-up or login procedure? 
- Paypal giving you woes?
- Need assistance evaluating your location?
- Want to buy a radio antenae or hire an installer?      
For help with any Lasqueti Wireless issues, please contact...


If you have questions see the LIAS Forum "How does our broadband work"