Karl's Boilin's,Maple Syrup Evaporator, first run of the year


is it time?

Hey Karl, I'm very very interested in learning how to make maple syrup, is it the right time of year now to tap trees?

- Julie Chadwick

Maple tapping

Julie..I'm sorry-I just saw your question.. Right now is 1/2 way through the tapping season here. To see if a tree is running drill a small hole through the bark and 1/4" into the sapwood. If the tree is a good one the sap will follow the drill out of the hole. If not watch it for a few moments, if nothing flows, try another tree. Check the hole every few days to see if the sap starts running...Karl

oh yeah!

There is *one* tree in my immediate area, I tapped it and hey presto! There was quite a lot... I filled up a big pot with sap, was very doubtful because it seemed soooo watery, but after a few days on the woodstove it made about a cup of nice syrup! I was amazed... my car is broken down but I hope to get out to your place asap to learn more...

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