Missing Cat?

Are you missing this cat? 

Missing Cat

Winter snows can trap felines miles from home.  This brown and black striped tabby showed up at our place (near Good Road) several days ago.  She has white paws and white neck, and is well fed and very friendly.  This is an inside cat who belongs to someone who likes her.  We are feeding her in the cold, but unfortunately allergies means we have to keep her outside, and we will have to take her to the aspca in parksville if not claimed or adopted. 

Call doug or penny at 250-333-8820


missing cat

I really don't know but it looks like a cat I saw at Jen Brown's house. Her phone # 333-8580. I was only there once - so? She lives on false bay.

Barb Brooks

Thanks Barb - I checked with

Thanks Barb - I checked with Jen, not hers.

check with mark on the south

check with mark on the south end... it looks like starra a long lost cat of kachinas...


It looks like my guy Spike, but he's on the back porch this morning!

Mystery Cat

it does look like one of the squitty litter. are you sure this is a "she"? this could be mark's boy cat, cosmo. he is big and friendly.

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