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Thursday, February 1, 2024 - Thursday, February 29, 2024

February's issue will be in your Lasqueti mailbox today, if you haven't retrieved it yet.

We had to add a couple of pages this month because there's just so much going on!

School District 69 is holding a meeting at False Bay School for everyone to attend on Thursday, Feb 22nd @ 3pm.  All the details about the meeting as well as a job posting for the school can be found inside.

The Islands Trust is at it again.  A freedom of information request has revealed more about two Trustee's agenda and the video recordings confirm it.

Do you remember what life was like 2 years ago?  Our cover collage will likely spark some memories....

The Community Calendar is packed to the max!  And there's more details about the Lantern Festival and Barn Dance, too.

Our best friends are "treated" in this month's ARC (recipe), while Gord details some very timely tips to get growing right now!

Jen on Men is back to highlight how some fathers aren't even given the chance, and we know from a previous column how kids do with that.

The NVC Tip of the Month gets judgmental and shows us how everyone loses in the "blame game."

The Festival of Art has some eye-popping pieces this month, as well as a "taste" of what the snowbirds are enjoying.

Nikki shares what has been rebuilding her life energy oh so very well...so you can, too!

There's a full report about the recent Community Ferry Meeting as well as - at long last - a "good news" update about the Ferry.

Blacklock's Reporter, an Ottawa-based news service, provides the content of "The Other Side" this month.

And Dick's History of Logging continues with more details about the Rat Portage Timber Lease.

Plus another challenging crossword, timely jokes, lots of cartoons and another "Name This Product" and monthly quote fill the paper to the brim before The Last Word makes an urgent call.

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PS. As always, any and all feedback is welcomed!  Just call our 24/7/365 toll-free hotline whenever the urge strikes at 877-873-1797...I look forward to hearing from you!


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