Man barred from ferry- FACTS

The Facts.The gentleman in question cursed at crew and would not adhere to crews directives.Upon arrival at French Creek Bongo Bob [alias] was met by RCMP.Bongo Bob refused to give his real name and address to the RCMP Officers.Bongo also would not show his medical exemption regarding face masks.I did receive a unsolicited call at home from Mr.Olsen, asking if I would supply him with a statement.I do not give statements or comments to  biased or ill researched junket news flyers.On a lighter note I would not issue a statement to the National Inquirer if asked to do so. Thank you to the 99+% who comply with face masks on the Ferry putting the Health and welfare of their fellow Lasquetians ahead of their own personal agendas.

Capt : Allan Knapp


Good for you Al. Keep up the

Good for you Al. Keep up the good work.

ferry facts

Thank you Al, we appreciate you and your crew and your upfront facts. It has been a trying 2 years for so many.

Ferry Facts

It turns out most people are actually getting exemptions (good for 60 days) from vaccinations, based on a very short list of criteria. Almost no-one gets a mask exemption, they are mostly fakes. COPD seems to be about the only exemption I could find.

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