concern about assembly and spread

I know that most of us are careful and considerate most of the time, and these last nearly two years have given us lots of opportunity to practice. Most of us have limited our travel, and taken special care when we return home, minimizing contact with others on our way, and isolating at home until we are sure we're safe.

I appreciate this, and know that most Lasqueti people appreciate it, too.

I've recently learned that a number of Lasqueti people are planning to attend a Freedom Rally being held in Victoria (and other places, too) this Saturday.

I have a lot of misgivings about the safety of travel and mixing with people generally, and the idea of travel and mixing with crowds of (I assume largely unvaccinated) people from many communities, seems to me to be asking for trouble. And if there is trouble, it's likely to come home.

If you feel that you have to attend, to help get rid of the "tyranny" that we're now living under, please be especially careful and considerate when you come back home. It will be second-safest if you do your isolation before you get back on our ferry. Safest for us all is if you don't go.


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