Important questions re: Local Elections

recently, on "Peter's digest" (as I call it) a notice came from Rose Willow, regarding Islands Trustees not living on the islands they represent.  I spoke with Rose this morning on this subject, to verify the facts.

I quote, from Rose's post:

Last term, the Islands Trust had 2 local trustees who did not reside in their Local Trust Areas. (a Saturna trustee living in Burnaby, and a Gambier trustee living in Gibsons). During this present term there are still 2 local trustees not residing in their Local Trust Areas. (a Saturna trustee still living in Burnaby and a Lasqueti trustee living in Victoria; a Hornby trustee living in Vancouver resigned part way through the term.)

By my reckoning, this is erroneous, as we have had a non-resident elected from Lasqueti for the past two terms, not just this past term.  This concerns me.  Not only does the Islands Trust employ  "urban" planners to review and guide them through the land use issues concerning the gulf islands, but it seems that more and more we are being "represented" by urbanites concerning themselves with rural issues.

What is creating this trend?

Do we really want the Islands Trust Council filled up with people who live in Burnaby, Gibsons, Vancouver &  Victoria? 

The Islands Trust was established  to 'preserve and protect'  the gulf islands.   Who can do that better than people whose principal residence is on one of those islands?

Are we willing  to rely on folks from urban centres to govern land use issues on our islands?

We have, in our up-coming elections, two candidates who live and work here on our island.  I encourage other residents to support candidates whose lives are based on the island.  Full-time residents are the people that I believe will best represent an 'island' point of view at Trust Council.