Ride from Horseshoe Bay to Lasqueti Island (August 29th - Sept 1)

A couple of us in Kamloops have just purchased 10 acres on Lasqueti island - NE end of the island jsut south of Scottie Bay Marina. This long weekend (leaving Friday evening  - August 29th) and returning Monday morning (Sept 1) we are planning on visiting the island.

Instead of taking the ferry to Nanimo and then the water taxi  to Lasqueti we were wondering about the possibility of hiring someone from Lasqueti or Horseshoe Bay or catching a ride with someone who is coming to the island for the weekend.

If we take the ferry/water taxi combo it will be at least $200 round trip plus all the waiting time - so instead of paying BC ferries we would be willing to pay around $250 for this commute. 

If you know someone who could do this roundtip can you please let me know - as I really do not want to waste a day taking the ferries.


Thanks....Bernie Warren

tel: 250-371-5936

email: Bwarren [at] tru [dot] ca