Need Info Re: Tankless Hot Water on Demand Propane Heater


We are in need of a new hot water on demand propane heater and are wondering if someone with experience in owning one of these units might have some sage advice when it comes to the brand, type, and cost? The unit will only be used in the summer months and will be outside, albeit undercover. The heater only needs to provide enough water for a shower. 

Many thanks in advance!



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Just don't

please reconsider -- there is no need for propane to heat hot water on Lasqueti in the summer. Consider a passive solar water heater or if you have excess solar capacity in summer, consider hooking a dump load to an electric hot water tank.
Loads of folks here with experience with both these systems, which provide virtually endless supply of hot water during summer months with no on-going costs and no fossil fuel use. They are generally no more expensive to install than an on-demand propane system.
We had an on-demand propane heater as backup - it never got used, so we got rid of it. Just saying.

Re: Hot Water

Many thanks Joseph! I will definitely look into this!