Debunking the Liberty Alliance

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We were recently treated to some "good news" from the Liberty Coalition.

That blog article dressed up as a "news release" makes a long series of claims about Covid-19 and the efficacy of public health practices intended to combat it.  Those claims run counter to current, established scientific consensus, both about the nature of the virus and how it spreads, and about the most effective ways to reduce transmission and save lives.

But rather than delving into blow-by-blow debunking of these individual claims, one might simply ask:

  1. who is the "Liberty Coalition", what agenda do they serve, and where does their funding come from?  I could uncover very little information about them and nothing about where the $$ comes from.
    That raises serious concerns about their motivations.  Particularly in light of recent news:
  2. who are the "Canadian Health Alliance"? In their "news release" they claim this is a prominent group of doctors and health workers.  But if so, why can one find no trace of any such group?


This "press release" is just a dressed-up blog article, published by an unknown group, with an unknown agenda, who are making claims supposedly backed by a (potentially) fictional organization.   

One should be highly skeptical.


As Robert W. recently said "choose to read the most unbiased expert information" and   "look to experienced public health physicians who speak of risks and benefits"

Sage advice.  thanks Robert.


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