February Trustee Note

If you act quickly, you have a chance to participate in the Islands 2050 consultation. It’s a lengthy process to amend the Islands Trust Policy Statement, which governs (under the Islands Trust Act and the Local Governement Act) how the Islands Trust preserves and protects the islands in the Trust Area, and allows its residents and communities to carry on, hopefully happily. There’s information at  http://islandstrust.bc.ca/trust-council/projects/islands-2050/  and a link to a survey which is open until February 5. You can go to the survey directly at   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Islands2050

There’s also a budget consultation with a bit more time to participate in. It’s about where the money the Islands Trust spends comes from and where it is planned to go. Details are at  http://islandstrust.bc.ca/trust-council/budget/  There is a one-page summary at http://www.islandstrust.bc.ca/media/350750/proposed-2021-22-budget-for-consultation-web.pdf   If you want more details, there is a previous version of the budget details on pages 175 – 202 of the December 1-3 Trust council meeting agenda package at http://www.islandstrust.bc.ca/media/350402/tc_2020-12_1-3_agd_pkg_final.pdf    The survey is open until February 7 and can be accessed directly at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/islandstrust

There is more information on other ways to participate and respond to these consultations at https://lasqueti.ca/node/6748 and in the Lasqueti email digests Vol 111 issues 28 and 30.

The only other Trust-wide news is that Trust Council will be meeting electronically on March 9-11. Main task that’s required is to adopt the budget for April 2021 through March 2022. It’ll be detailed in the agenda package for the meeting, which will be posted on the Trust web site near the end of February. 

I apologize to the people who attended our October 5 meeting that there was not sufficient information or time given to allow people to indicate that they wanted to speak at the Town Hall session.

It’s possible that when this issue of Lasqueti Isle & Times is dropped into your mailbox, we’ll still be having our February 1 Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting, electronically. The proposed revision of the Official Community Plan is on the agenda, and it will also be on the agenda of our next scheduled meeting, April 26, as qRD has asked for an extension for their response.. There is plenty of time for you to obtain a copy of the proposed OCP, and let us know if it perfectly suits you, or is okay, or should be changed in some way. Be sure to tell us in what way you’d like it changed, and why it’s important.  Emails preferred to  LasquetiIslandLocalTrustCommittee [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca  It is likely that your correspondence (without your contact information) will be posted on the web site or included in an agenda package, but it’s important that all the input we consider is made publicly, so others can be aware of it and respond to it if they feel the need.  You can attend our April 26 meeting and speak to us.

You can find the proposed OCP (Bylaw 98) at  http://www.islandstrust.bc.ca/media/350453/la_bl_98_base_ocp_1st.pdf  and Schedule B (the map that shows where the provincially administered (crown) land, the land based (private) land, and the marine areas are) at http://www.islandstrust.bc.ca/media/350492/la_bl_98_base_ocp_schb_colour.pdf 

If you’d like a printed copy, email  northinfo [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca  or telephone 250-247-2063. (You can call 1-800-663-7867 and ask to be connected.) A copy will be mailed to you.

There will be several more opportunities for public input and suggested changes before the OCP will be finished and adopted, and even then it is possible to amend it later if it is desirable.

If there are any issues that worry or concern you, or you want more information about, please email or talk to me or to Tim, or both (but not at the same time, unless we’re in a Lasqueti Trust Committee meeting, please, because we’re 2/3 of the LTC).

Thank you for letting me be your trustee. Less than two years more for me to serve.    Peter






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