Two different Islands Trust surveys you can participate in!

Two different surveys you can participate!

Islands 2050
Help set directions for Policy Statement changes
Open: January 18th – February 5th



For more information:
Questions? islandstrust [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca


How to get more involved

We encourage individuals, community groups and agencies to write to us, and provide their input.

islands2050 [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca`

1627 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8R 1H8


Stay informed

Thank you for your interest and contribution to the Island’s 2050 engagement process.

Sign up for our Island’s 2050 subscriber notice, and we’ll email updates to you.




2021/2022 - Budget Consultation

Three ways to share your input:

1. Online survey

Take our online budget survey – open January 22 to February 7, 2021


2. Email or Call

Send us an email with your thoughts about the budget – write to budget [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca , or call 250.405.5151 to have your say.


3. Present to Trust Council

Contact Lori Foster, Executive Coordinator, at lfoster [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca  or 250.405.5161. The next Islands Trust Council meeting is March 9-11 via Zoom Video Webinar.

All budget input is public. That means your comments could show up on our website or be included in documents that we create and distribute to the public. All materials produced by the Islands Trust, including emails, are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection Act.

Lots of information about where the money comes from; where it’s proposed to go:  
Questions? budget [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca




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