Chinese PDF called Guidelines on the prevention and control of COVID-19.pdf

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I just received this from a trusted and caring supplier...interesting read for many reasons.  Focussed on urban environments, but still very relevant for us.  The language is surprisingly readable and the medical details are at the end.  Unfortunately, the waste that will be generated will be enormous...until reusable masks are created.

I've been offered masks, and thermometers and testing kits as well, so if you want any, let me know...

Dave Olsen

guidelines_on_the_prevention_and_control_of_covid-191.pdf1.69 MB


You can resterilize masks

Hey Dave, you can reuse your masks (homemade, surgical, N95) by putting them in a Mason jar to keep them dry and then sterilizing them in a pressure cooker at 15psi for 20 minutes.

"A more common method, autoclaving, which is found in nearly every hospital setting, was also very effective, he said.
"[Autoclaving] is like a pressure cooker — basically you enclose items into a chamber, you lock down the chamber, you heat it up and actually increase the pressure inside the chamber," Kumar said.
The machines heat up to about 121 C for 15 minutes, killing bacteria and viruses. "It'll sterilize anything."

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