Pevious post on ordering groceries

I sent this to the email list late Friday. It's updated and expanded at


I've done a survey of the major Parksville  grocery stores and here's what I've been told:


Overwaitea/Saveonfoods  Does not deliver anywhere, though they confusingly for me) use the word for their pickup service.  If you order on-line you can choose a pick-up time. If it's a day or two in advance of the time, there are usually time slots available, but no guarantee.  If a group of people want to order, they an agree on a day and time to have their orders picked up, and arrange for someone to pick them up and deliver them to the ferry.


Quality Foods says that they are inundated and very busy, but that deliveries of food orders to the Lasqueti ferry will continue. The person thought they were Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but when I told him they wouldn't be on Wednesday, he said he thought they were on Thursday. He also said that there was now a special tab for Lasqueti people on the on-line shopping page.


Naked Naturals tells me that they do not now have the capacity to fill orders or to deliver them, or to pack them for pickup. There will be no delivery to the Lasqueti ferry next week, and quite possibly for weeks into the future. I'll be contacting Jordan to see if there is anything we can do to get groceries to Lasqueti without people having to go over for them.

Please let me know if I've overlooked something.  



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