Grocery order update

In my previous post, I didn't think of Qualicum, and forgot Thrifty Foods in Parksville. My apology.

All grocery stores are at or over full capacity and struggling with orders and deliveries. they are increasing capacity as fast as they can. Expect to find delays in being able to order food and have it delivered to the ferry (or having it picked up by someone on Vancouver Island and delivered to the ferry for you.


Thrifty Foods Parksville store web page shows no days when delivery is available through March 25. They deliver to the ferry for the 2:30 run. You need to shop on-line and sign a waiver saying you accept responsibility for your order if they leave it on the ferry. You will be able to order, I was told this morning, next Wednesday (but do it early in the day). 

Email    frontenddept10 [at] thriftyfoods [dot] com


Heaven on Earth in Qualicum has been delivering to the ferry on Fridays. Phone orders to the store on Thursday. Delivery to the 2L30 ferry on Friday. If there are too many Jim will make another trip to the 5:30 ferry.  No charge for deliveries.   250-752-3132


Quality Foods does deliver to the Lasqueti ferry. They are full to capacity at the moment, and will not be accepting orders until Monday. If you sign up on their website for an account with your email address, they will assign you to the Lasqueti Island delivery zone.  Please email when you’ve added your account.    Shawn Tomczyk <tomczyk [at] qualityfoods [dot] com>                 Then you will be able to see the delivery time slots for next week.  Please note that they are reaching capacity and the timeslots fill up fast.




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