Zim Music with Moyo Mutamba

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Event Date: 
Sunday, August 11, 2019 - 7:30pm

Location:  Arts Centre
Admission:  suggested donation $15 (sliding scale)

Dr. Moyo’s Call and Response

The essence of African music is call and response; a sonic dialogue, where one or multiple sounds ask a question, make a statement, pronounce a philosophical meditation and the others offer an answer, affirm and validate. Dr. Moyo’s call and response bring this to life by means of mbira music, stories and conversations with his audience.

In this interactive perfomance, Dr. Moyo will explore the various voices of the Mbira instrument, with a focus on classic ceremonial pieces in the Mbira Dzavadzimu ( Mbira of the Ancestors) and folk stories from around the world.

Moyo with Deze Dr. Moyo is a Gwenyambira- master player of the mbira instrument from Zimbabwe. Drawing from a large repertoire of ritual songs from ancient mbira music traditions, Moyo weaves together diverse sounds, wherein one instance he harnesses the powerful sound of mbira connecting audiences with their meditative and spiritual cores and another he scratches the mbira luring audiences into serendipitous movement. Moyo accompanies the mbira with poetry, and stories creating a true ceremonial space that is relaxing, joyful and healing.

Listen to Moyo here:

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/moyo-rainos-mutamba

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mumoyo/

Website: www.nhapitapi.com   

Rainos 'Moyo' Mutamba Ph.D

Co-director and Facilitator, Bloom Consulting www.bloomworld.org

Founder,  Ubuntu Learning Village: ubuntulearningvillage.blogspot.ca/

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