How a Combine works


Stock image from the web showing how a combine works


How a combine works

Hi, well it's called a combine because it combines a mower, harvester, and thresher into one unit. If you follow the picture from front to back you will see the first operation is to cut the grain (cutter bar), ensure it tips back, and stay neat(reel).The heads must all lay the same way. They fall onto the auger. This auger spirals in two direction to move the grain into the center.a conveyor moves it into a threshing drum. This is best thought of as a rotating barrel with flails inside. (there are many diferrent styles in use I think)The grain is beaten off the straw, and sepparated,The plant(straw) goes out the back to fall on the ground. The grain goes into a separating system, usually composed of screens, top screen all grain and small trash will go through. Then to a small screen the grain will NOT go through, but small trash will The result this far is grain and roughly the same size particles are separated from the straw and dust . This then passes through a "wind curtain" (my name for it)Basiclly the grain falls thruogh a air blast that blows the light stuff (chaff, hulls, poor pollinated grain, etc.) out the back. The good stuff, fat heavy grain left is transported out a chute into a truck or trailer traveling along side combine. At least thats how I think a combine work, Bye, Vic L. P.S. This is all dependant on the grain being ripe and the moisture content within limits. V.L.

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