Seeking Balance Wheel Ceremony

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The Seeking Balance Wheel is immensely important for the earth at this time. I am re-introducing it to the world Tuesday March 20, 2018 on Lasqueti Island, British Columbi, Canada, between the morning high tide of 14.3 feet at 8:09am and the evening high tide of 13:7 feet at 9:03pm.

This is the time to anchor The Seeking Balance Wheel into your part of the world. This is a beneficial, magical magnetic Pacific time for any area of the north and south hemispheres to embark and strengthen their conscious journey on our planet. Let yourself be guided.

Yes! This time frame includes many other Divine Sacred Equinox Blessings to promote conscious awareness and is a magnificent opportunity for all old souls to cooperatively communicate with each other on a magical, plasmatic level to bless everything exponentially in our universe. I welcome your energy and I thank you in advance for your energetic participation. We are all cooperating in this Divine Adventure.

There will be the introduction of a specific song bringing ‘mind into heart’ and a ‘walking into the future’ practice to empower the Seeking Balance Wheel’s re-introduction into the world.

Location: 444 Rat Portage Rd, Lasqueti Island BC Canada V0R2J0

Why 5 spokes in the Seeking Balance Wheel

Introducing the Seeking Balance Wheel

Powerpoint for building the Seeking Balance Wheel can be received from ppcunite [at] gmail [dot] com Please put in subject “Seeking Balance info



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