More well and water information

Last year I received a package of information on wells and water from the Trust office. It's all on-line. Here are the links.

Collecting and Conserving Rainwater on the Gulf Islands  2 pages

BC Water Stewardship Information Series:  (there are more; do an internet search)

Best Practices for Prevention of Saltwater Intrusion    4 pages

Best Practices for Dug Wells  4 pages

Water Well Disinfection using simple chlorination method  4 pages

How To Find a Septic Tank  4 pages

Flowing Artesian Wells  10 pages

Collecting and Using Rainwater at Home - a Gude for Homeowners  CMHC  67 pages

Risk of Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Bedrock Aquifers: Gulf Islands, BC  Dept of Earth Sciences,  SFU  40 pages

Manual of Composting Tilet and Greywater Practice  Volume 1  July 2016  135 pages


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