the Santa Claus Story

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So Santa Claus brings presents down the chimney to us. This is really an allegorical story of physiology that has been adapted from olden days when influential people were trying to tell us we could live happier, abundant, longer lives. Let’s look at what this really means and lightly investigate the scriptures. (see references)

Excitedly, we as humanity, are allowing our consciousness to move from matter reality into the plasma world where we have access to the infinite amount of information and power that is on the other side of the veil. (The veil is that place where we go when we don’t have a body anymore). Our linear mind is gradually learning to recognize and accept bits of this multidimensional information. There is a difficulty with this communication as our minds like to have things presented to us in a linear (1 + 2 = 3) way. Things might be more easily understood from the multidimensional level when they are presented to us in stories. Jesus used such allegories as he taught. The bible is full of similar stories.

Think of the spinal cord as an extension of the brain (the chimney). Ancient scripture refers to the brain itself as the Holy Clostrum. The optic thalamus is called the Light of the World and the pineal (gravitational) and pituitary (magnetical) glands of the brain secrete a fluid oil (Cerebrospinal Fluid, CSF) that travels down the spine in the ida and pingala all the way to the tailbone. Then, once a month, in both men and women during the germination time of 2 ½ days, this seed starts rising back up to the optic thalamus of the brain. Every month when the moon is in the sign where the sun was when you were born the CSF plants a seed in the Solar Plexus (called Bethlehem where Christ is born).

On its way up when it crosses the vagus nerve near the neck the now invisible dimensions from the other side of the veil are added, making it 1000 times more powerful and very useful to us. This is the inner mechanics of our ascension into mastery. The vagus nerve is called the Tree of Life. This is where we get our juice from Source. Mauro Z. calls it the birth of “I Am”. This process is happening inside us, rather than outside us where we usually look for things. We can consciously bring balance into our lives.

See the hands in the brain enfolding the area of the pineal and pituitary glands. This is important for physiological regeneration and longer life. Taoists called it the Crystal Palace, Hindu’s called it the Cave of Brahma. This space is filled with your revitalized Cerebrospinal Fluid and flows around the brain making it available to all parts of your body. (see below picture)

Masters used to live for hundreds of years. Society economics likes to have us looking for a vicarious third party savior like Jesus Christ, outside of us. Having the dormant brain cells alive is the return of the prodigal son.

Tithing is in reality this return of the CSF where it crosses into the quantum level adding intensity bringing you happiness, abundance, and longer life. This is physical regeneration as well as spiritual regeneration. We become whole. Climbing Jacob’s ladder is getting the CSF oil back to the pineal gland. This is part of returning the body to its fluid origin and flexibility. We are moving into fluidity rather than drying up this magnificent oil and diseasing our body.

The body maintains 150ml of cerebrospinal fluid in this circuit distributing it where needed. But it is continually replenishing it by making 450-600ml daily. Isn’t your body amazing? Santa Claus finally has meaning in my life.

“The Soul Swims in the CSF”

Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND, founder of Polarity Therapy


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