Barge ramp problem

Here's what I've learned so far:

After a complaint to the Trust about retail sales/vending of fuel at the ramp, arrangements have been made for the vending to take place elsewhere, and delivery to be made at the ramp, just like happens with most things delivered to Lasqueti via the barge ramp.

A complaint was also made to Highways, who apparently said that the above-high-tide portion of the ramp is their roadway, and that depositing goods or parking vehicles (and "conducting work") is not permitted on their roadway, anywhere, including all of Lasqueti's road allowances, especially in the False Bay area - not even the part they paved and painted lines on to make it look like parking might be tolerated!

Merrick is waiting for a call from Highways' acting area manager, and has alerted PRRD staff. He thinks it's a tempest, and not a real problem. After he finds out for sure, he'll let us all know.

I expect that nobody has been rushing to get their parked vehicle off the road, and I expect that deliveries to Lasqueti will continue over the barge ramp, much as they have been since it was built.




from Merrick

Merrick sent this to the email list this morning:

I spent quite a while Friday seeking clarity on the ramp issues...I'm still waiting to talk to our MOTI Area Manager, Jessica Learn, to hear her point of view, and
I haven't got a hold of Bella to hear what she has been told, but Mike Wall forwarded me the agreement that the RD signed with the Lands Branch when the Ramp was completed in 2004. It is 16 pages of legalese that outlines the RD's rights and responsibilities around the paved portion up to the high tide line. The rest of the right of way up to Weldon Rd. is MOTI property and subject to their rules and regs, just like the rest of our roads. No parking is permitted along road ways except where signed...we know how strictly that has been enforced.
Under the letter of the agreement all commercial users of the ramp are supposed to have permission in writing from the RD to do so, to my knowledge this provision has never been enforced, but may have to be now that the dragon of bureaucracy has been aroused. I have requested that RD staff enter into negotiations with MOTI to take over the tenure of the right of way that we built to create this all tide access point that is critical to Lasqueti life and commerce. If Bella requires written permission to continue using the facility she will get it. As far as I can tell that is the current situation, the regs haven't changed, we have just been informed of the letter of the law, but the cars will still clutter the False Bat area, and freight will carry on being off and on loaded at the Ramp. When I have more information on the topic I will share it. Regional Director Merrick Anderson

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