World Peace

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August 17, 2017
Dear Nikki and Darren,
Thank you very much for striving to bring peace into the Tucker Bay Public Water Access road that has been alarming us on Lasqueti for a few years.

I understand how owning property came along with a sense of ownership that really belongs in the dark ages and has caused people on both sides of similar situations to act stupidly.

The anger that you brought into this public access situation was met with equal anger, only there were more of us. Thank you for asking for resolution. Thank you for taking a stand for peace. World peace is my mission and why not beam peace from Lasqueti?

The magnetic fields on earth have changed and light is invading many formerly dark, secret, hidden areas. Let’s be observant rather than dictatorial and be willing to change. We are beaming light into these situations specifically for healing and balance. Humanity is maturing. We all want peace.
Thank you for your attention and your peace.

You are loved.
Nikki Darwin


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