A concerned friend of Chilean David's

I had the privilege of meeting Chilean David about a month ago when he came into the store at Provisions. I was immediately struck by his kind energy. I could tell he was a good person. Though I speak hardly any Spanish we found a way to communicate and we laughed and cried together. When I was feeling lonely he said he would be my friend and he was.

His death has made me reflect on how we treat other humans as visitors to this island.

I worry that in this busy summer season the memory of David and his tragic and harrowing death will fade away.

Besides my own sadness though, I feel deeply sorry for what his family must be going through right now, thought they may not yet know of his passing.

I would like to gather memories of David's time here into some sort of file that we could give to his family. I am not sure how to contact his parents at this point but if you have anything you would like to share I will take on the responsibility of compiling stories.

Please email me at: charlottempriest [at] gmail [dot] com with stories or memories.

Thank you, with love.




Doubt about the person you are talking about

Are you talking about Oscar Sanchez, the chilean found dead in the ocean in lasqueti island?

http://nanaimonewsnow.com/article/541227/rcmp-trying-identify-body-found... ???

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