CoW meeting agenda package and PRRD Financial Plan

The agenda package for Thursday's Committee of the Whole meeting in Powell River is posted at

The latest version of the Financial Plan begins on page 333. Financial Implications (p335) reports a 24.55% increase in residential taxes for Lasqueti, and minimal (7.7%) increases or decreases (4.82%) for other areas, compared with 2016 taxes, if this budget is approved.

This large increase in taxes is caused by an (in my view) overly large increase in our fire department budget, to purchase $40,000 communication equipment and put over $26,000 into our reserves. Communications should return to previously recommended $5,000 and contribution to reserves should be eliminated.

Please write to the Powell River Board members, asking them to not approve the budget as it currently stands.  Email addresses and phone numbers for members and senior staff are posted at

The Committee of the Whole meets at 4pm Thursday.  You can watch it live (or later, recorded) by going to   and clicking on the Go to Webcasts button.

Details of various Lasqueti budgets can be seen as part of the Financial Plan at these pages

Grants in Aid     p 388
Electoral Area E services
Lasqueti Waste Managment   p 414
Lasqueti Library    p 416
Lasqueti Marine Ramp  p 418
Lasqueti Fire Protection   p 423

At the bottom of page 438 you can see a record of property taxes per $100,000 of property assessed value for each year, 2014 through 2021 for each of our services.
Taxes were          247.49 in 2014
                            279.50 in 2015
                            284.47 in 2016
taxes will be        348.31 in 2017
                            387.46 in 2018
                            394.39 in 2019
                            397.32 in 2020
and                      397.51 in 2021   per $100,000 assessed value UNLESS WE RAISE OBJECTIONS NOW.

Contact information is at

The actual page numbers might change if amendments are made to the package.



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