PRRD Contact information

Here are the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the directors of the PRRD board, and the Chief Administrative Officer and Emergency Services Manager:

Regional directors:  (I understand that director Gisborne is ill, and Merrick is away.)

area A   Patrick Brabazon (Board Chair)     604 483-4310     brabazon [at] shaw [dot] ca 
area B   Stan Gisborne     604 485-2935     stangis [at] telus [dot] net
alternate Alan Rebane    604 485-7737    alanrebane [at] shaw [dot] ca

area C   Colin Palmer 604 414-5740     csp12345 [at] shaw [dot] ca
area D   Sandy McCormick     604 414-3525     sandynleeti [at] gmail [dot] com
area E   Merrick Anderson     250 333-8773     merrickanderson9 [at] gmail [dot] com
alternate Laurence Fisher  250-333-8614  laurence [at] wildwood [dot] ca

Municipal directors

  Russell Brewer   604 414-8310    rbrewer [at] cdpr [dot] bc [dot] ca
  CaroleAnn Leishman    604 483-6171   cleishman [at] cdpr [dot] bc [dot] ca

Chief Administrative Officer

  Al Radke 604 485 2260  al [dot] radke [at] powellriverrd [dot] bc [dot] ca

Manager of Emergency Services

Ryan Thoms   604 485-2260  emergcoord [at] powellriverrd [dot] bc [dot] ca

Manager of Administrative Services   Brenda Paquin

administration [at] powellriverrd [dot] bc [dot] ca



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