Fire department budget - last chance

Thursday afternoon the PRRD Committee of the Whole accepted the Lasqueti fire department budget as it was proposed in the agenda package (page 231 at

The budget as accepted increases the budget for our fire department from $120,030 in 2016 to $158,554 in 2017.The amount to be raised from taxpayers, based on the value of propeties, rises from $48,560 last year to $106,548 this year - more than doubling our taxes for the fire department.

I understand that there are to be increases in our taxes for waste management for this year and for the next years, because of needed changes, which are coming about with the advice and input of our Lasqueti Island Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee members.

Residents and taxpayers have an opportunity to express their opinions to the PRRD board members, who can re-consider their decision at next Thursday's CoW meeting, or at the Board meeting on March 23, where the budgets have to all be approved and accepted.

I've posted contact information for board (and committee) members - email addresses and phone numbers - at

If you are concerned about the (in my view) unnecessary increase in the fire department budget, and would like it to be reduced to 2016 levels (which would still mean an increase in our taxes because the surplus is smaller, but a smaller one, and which would allow our fire department to continue to operate and make improvements), please contact the board members. You might choose to include the staff (CAO and ESM) or you might not.




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