June 21 2015, the first day of PEACE

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June 21 2015 is the first day of PEACE on our earth. July 21 is the second day of PEACE. August 21 is the third day of PEACE. During this three month period, governments are given the opportunity to start the process of re-allocating their military factory works and arms producing companies into fabricating new systems using new technology for peace, preserving jobs.

Man has matured enough to take responsibility for his own destiny, to live a correct life conducting his affairs in line with living in peace amongst other creatures of God on this planet and in deep space. The essence of killing and destruction has been removed from the RNA and DNA. Humanity no longer dwells on aggression, war, and conflict.

Through the release of new knowledge, humanity can cover every need of his existence without destroying another life or harming another soul, by using and understanding that all forces and energies of the universe are within his reach and command. He only needs to gather the knowledge and intelligence of how to harvest and use this energy to support others.

In this process of enforcing peace, www.Keshefoundation.org will harm no one, no soul. There will be no structural damage or any physical or financial losses to any nation. But they will stop warships on the high seas, and decommission fighter planes of all nations on the runways. They will erase the memory of so called men of arms, that they will not remember why they carry arms and what they were fighting for. 

No one will be punished. There will only be progressive development and systematic release of new technologies rendering the old ways obsolete. Some of these technologies are; CO2 capture, health systems, star formation systems for creating lift and motion, production of water units, creation of low power through the use of Gans and nano-layers.

Governments are not being confronted, but are setting the scene to show that current military and defense technology is out of date and does not need to be renewed, nor should there be any further money spent on arms.

Keshe is starting PEACE with these small steps so that everyone can understand and learn the PEACE process. We are entering the cycle of Man’s maturity. No longer do we depend on any government or faith. We can allow our inner wisdom to blossom.


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