Coming to Lasqueti to Record?

Hi all, 

My name is Andrew/Andy/Arnie (I'm easy -whichever you prefer!)

I have been looking at Lasqueti Island for the past year or so and I desperately wish to gain a new life experience and become a useful part of the island life. I appreciate you must get a lot of people wanting to live the dream' and coming across, but I suppose that is inevitable given the beautiful setting!

I currently live in the UK (Dartmoor, Devon) and currently looking to visit Canada (again) soon to stay with my family in Vancouver & Little Shuswap.  I have just quit my job and ready to start the next chapter in life. My dream has always been to try to live in a sustainable manner much like my hero Dick Proenneke.... and now you guys! 

Without writing a post the size of War & Peace, I was hoping for some advise regards to living, working etc...   I am strong, fit and healthy and willing to put my brains and brawn to use doing whatever is required, but my real passion is recording and producing music and my dream would be to build/start a recording studio there.

I notice from the website there are several musicians and bands. Would there be any musicians on the island interested in recording for Lasqueti CD/iTunes Download? I would be able to bring equipment and provide all recording services.Should we ever make any money the proceeds would obviously be spilt equally throughout the contributors. ...Im not Simon Cowell! 

I am just trying to gauge interest in this so if anyone is interested, or has any advise as to how I could make this dream a reality I would be very interested to hear from you. 


Peace & Love, 


Beautiful fantasy!

Beautiful fantasy!