Dark Day Ramblings

The balance between light and shadow has tilted, weighing down heavier on the shadowed side..November appears in a whirling dervish of wind and sheets of water. There was darkness and wind when I drove Bingy down to the morning ferry, coffee aromas comforting us as we drove along the bumpy wet road. False Bay; Lying through my teeth, I told her that it would not be a very rough crossing... "Just get inside and lay down" 

Hours later, I hope that it wasn't. Spending the rest of the morning inside the house on piddly stuff, it came to me that today is a day of recognition, maybe even a day of acceptance, that Indian Summer has waved us goodbye and moved on down the road....


This is the time in India

This is the time in India when summer goes and winter comes. This is the time when hazy winds come. This is the best time to roam here. Awesome weather comes and waiting.

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India in November

India in November sounds interesting. I like rambling around in the times of changing seasons, the tension kinda building between whats going out and whats coming in...you can feel and smell a change happening.

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