parking especially in False Bay

There has not been sufficient support for Ken Picard's idea of removing or limiting some of the parking spaces at the bottom of the False Bay hill for it to make any sense to try to proceed at this time to implement this, in spite of the obvious danger and risk when there are vehicles crowding the area waiting to buy gas and drive on and off the dock, and people (including young ones) mingling among the vehicles.

The primary reason that I've heard for thinking it should not be done is that there is no enforcement, and people will not do what they are asked to do about parking cars in the False Bay area.

It is true that there is no enforcement, and there is not likely to be in the near, or even the middle) future. Generally, we, as a community, want enforcement only on certain things, at certain times, and often against certain people. We can't have it both ways, and so we continue, I think by and large very successfully, to live together without a higher authority making us do, or not do, most things.

My view is that most people, most of the time, do cooperate with the community when the community expresses its wishes. Over the last few years, the parking situation has improved considerably, completely without enforcement.

With the provision of lots more parking spaces just above the Arts Centre, it would be a good opportunity to move the short-term (3 day) parking higher up the hill, and the medium term parking up above the Arts Centre. And we should continue to encourage long-term parkers to park their vehicles at home, or at a friend's place, or on a parking home enterprise area, when the bylaw is amended.

I believe that keeping the lower area, where there is now 3-day parking, open from 3 til 7 on ferry/fuel days will increase the safety, and make it more convenient for people with quick errands in False Bay to stop, or even park for some hours outside the 3 til 7 time. I also trust that most people will cooperate and comply with community wishes, though not everyone will.

The community does not agree with this proposal, but we are free to remember it, and leave the parking spaces at the bottom of the hill for fuel/ferry traffic.

Also, I've received a bit of criticism because the Lasqueti Trust Committee (and I) have been talking about parking. The LTC's mandate is to deal with land use planning issues, and our authority, like other local governments, does not apply to roadways, which are under the control of Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Parking is a land use issue, and although the Lasqueti Trust Committee has no authority on the roadways, we are the body on Lasqueti that encourages and facilitates community discussion on this (and other) issues. I understand this view, but I don't agree with it.



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