Fall Fair singing - "As the Earth"

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At the Fall Fair after dinner, my friends and I sang a song commemorating the change of seasons. Many others of those present joined us in the choruses.
Below are the lyrics in case anyone wanted a copy.  The song was written by a dear friend of mine in Vancouver, Lee Henderson (aka the Fossilosopher).
As the Earth
am C G
am am em
C G C em
am em am
As the earth leans back into winter,
In peace turning round into night,
Our hearts lean into the mystery,
Awaiting the birth of the light.
With these fruits of summer past
I shall make a feast with my people
And we shall rejoice,
We shall rejoice
In the year's goodness.
Light wanes fast,
darkness shrouds the land,
Life's power shrinks.
It draws inward, into the winter,
Into the underworld.
Cold winds weave
Icy lacy beauties
In woods and waters,
Winter stars,
the Hunter and his Dog
Pierce the black sky.
Now is the time to wonder,
To seek truth in mystery.
Spirit gives gifts.
Spirit gives gifts
And earth is healer.
And now let us kindle
A holy fire,
Gird it with prayers
And share dreams.
Share dreams
For a new year of blessing.



Is there a recorded version

Is there a recorded version of this song

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