NESARA Desperately Floundering to Become Visible

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NESARA is franticly trying to appear on earth right now. For the last two decades the grassroots secret underground societies have been putting structure in place trying to make it manifest. For 1000s of years the dark parasites have been influencing our lives to keep us unaware of the devious ways that they have regularly designed to keep things going in their favor.

Even though the big bosses of the Anunnaki have had an about face and are honoring the Treaty of Anchara signed in 1995, the darkness of the entrenched, established greedy minority is hanging on to the bitter end. Maybe some of them think that the Anunnaki bosses didn’t really mean to sign the treaty and they are waiting for their recant. Keeping your word means absolutely nothing to the darkness unless the dark has fully decided otherwise.

Earth is bankrupt. Many countries have revalued their currency and backed it up with metal (be it gold, silver, platinum or…?) and are attempting to restructure and put into action new governments. The parasitic elite are not allowing this to happen without getting a piece of the pie for themselves. Even though the first wave of money exchanges has revalued, and the second wave is underway, their frenzy increases as they insist on getting as much of that money as they can. They are being prevented from starting WW III, which they are desperately trying to start so they get us back on their board.

Darkness created this gluttonous (il)legal tax economy that we live in and now it is being used against them. There are indictments prepared on each one of these evil financiers and they are being tried at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Netherlands. Notice how many of them are trying to present themselves to us as good guys so they think they can get off the hook. Nobody is going to fall for their BS this time. They have worn us out. We have finally learned.

The darkness on this planet believes that it is stronger and way more powerful than the Light and even though the situation looks desperate for them, there must be a slight possibility within their minds that they will be able to prevail. After all, haven’t we fallen for their baloney, hook line and sinker, up until now? Mind always has polarities.

My mental humanness has to speak now. I personally wonder when the Source will have had enough of the dark’s BS and will just blaze a bit stronger and dissolve them? I know I am ready to blaze, but this is my mind speaking, not my heart. I do realize that extreme darkness cannot exist in the Light and the Light is getting stronger and stronger each day. We are waking up. Their days must be numbered.

When this transformation happens, be prepared for some awesome benefits appearing within humanity. We have lived for so long, battling our way through darkness, that we have an incredible understanding of dark cynicism that no one else in the universe has, Ascended Master or not! We have survived and better than that, we have surpassed into superior educators that can demonstrate to everyone who wants to move into the Light how to do it, no matter what kind of galactic human they may be.

There are many civilizations in our galaxies that have been watching what’s been going on in our solar system and they are seeing us as examples of “how to do it” and they want our expertise. They know we are on the verge of ascension. They want to live in the Light too; the darkness has worn them out and they are ready. We, you and I, have been well prepared to be their teachers. We took on this planet thinking we could easily thwart the darkness. We almost didn’t survive in the process. How many thousand years have you been living here? Has the earth survived?

Soon the Light is going to be shining so brightly that we will be living in a financial abundance that surpasses our wildest dreams. This temporary affluence is a stepping stone to bring us into a greater awareness of fuller consciousness. We have lived in poverty for so long we need a respite to spur our consciousness onward. We will be able to access and use those deepest recesses of our heart that have been hiding from us for so long. Our spirit will get back into our body. We can put our full potential into action and become responsible for every one of our actions, every one of our interactions with each other, every one of our interactions with our environment and enjoy doing it. We may even be introduced to life on other planets and galaxies that want to meet us. The true earth history will become obvious to us.

Star Wars had a legal doctrine where they were not allowed to go to any “foreign” area without having permission to visit first. Earth is far from inviting visitation from anyone. Life on earth is an exception right now; we need full disclosure to happen so we can take this, our last chance to ascend, and move into full consciousness. It is time for us to allow our hearts to wake up and we must learn to honor and respect what heart has been trying to tell us for so long. Peace is ours.

You can easily bring your mind into your heart, gaining limitless creativity for yourself. Humanity can stop buzzing their overworked mind as they are plowing through life. The power of the heart to think has been neglected and forgotten. Dropping the mind into the heart takes less than two minutes. Let it become your habit.

Ask your spirit to help you count your mind into your heart; backwards from 10 to 1. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Let’s do it again. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. You must speak aloud so that you stay out of the mental realm. Do it again. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

You now have access to unlimited information from the Source and can experience peace. As humanity does this every day, several times a day, for one week, peaceful community will be established on earth. That’s all it would take. Let’s get busy right away.


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