Drama Trauma Part l & ll

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Drama Trauma Part l

Believe it or not, it is possible for everyone to look deeply at the world’s problems without becoming depressed or having to swallow prozac. The tragedy of what is happening on this earth is extremely miserable. The further you look into what’s going on, the more ridiculous and dismal it gets. The nonsense never stops no matter how hard you rearrange it trying to make it better, no matter how hard you pray over it, or no matter how hard you hope for a difference. If changing it or praying about it really worked, we would have seen a difference by now. There have been plenty of us incessantly doing these things over and over again for years. It is obvious that life for people on this planet is getting worse. If there is even one person without clean water, food or shelter, it is one too many.

We’ve been hanging around in this bunkum for so long that it has become acceptable to us. Even though we may deny it is affecting us, we are stressed physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Especially mentally, as we are trying so hard to intellectually make sense of it. OK, so we think we’ve found a way to exist in this confusion without being uncomfortable all the time. Is this what life is about? Proving to ourselves and everyone around us that we can “handle it”? Is this what living is really about? Is this what joy is supposed to be; occasional peeps at it? The darkness has made seemingly impenetrable inroads into society and planted ludicrous seeds of legality that take a monumental amount of continual effort on our part to wade our way through them as we strive to have a life. Do we have access to the discipline and tools it will take to move through these ideosyncracies? Please read on.

It’s hard to admit that we would dare create this kind of atmosphere for each other. By continuing to live in this dungpile we are all together creating an environment that perpetuates this kind of energy and behavior. What I mean, is, if we live in bad energy we get so used to it that we use it as if it is normal. Then that energy is adopted by others and used as an excuse to make more of a similar energy because that is all they see around them. These people are just trying to fit in without rocking the boat, yet they are manufacturing more chaos and driving their spirit even further out into oblivion. It is important to not be afraid to look into the chaos. It is chasing away your spirit. Most of us have less than 20% of our spirit remaining in our body. The rest of it is way out in the beyondo. We must, out loud, talk to our spirit and direct it back into our body so the Light can see us at ascension time.

Talk aloud to your spirit so you move out of the merry-go-round energy of the mind and start waking up your heart. The heart is where your spirit lives. When you wake up in the morning say “hello” to your spirit? Welcome it back as it may have left during your sleep. Talk to it. Audibly invite your spirit back to you. Every time you inhale, as well as bringing in oxygen to support your body, you are bringing in your long lost spirit. Consciously practice inhaling your spirit until it becomes a natural habit. You have somewhere around 18,000 inhales every day. Let’s make them useful. You deserve to have your spirit come home.

There is another crucial thing to do. Command your spirit to assist you in bringing your mind down into your heart. Audibly count your mind down into your heart: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. When you first start doing this you may need to do it 5 or 6 times before you recognize and feel the peace of your heart. Why not consciously do this 100X daily until it becomes a natural habit.

Once you get your mind down into your heart you have access to the infinite vastness of Source information which is far greater than mind information and is totally creative. When you are in a position where you can’t make a decision and can’t seem to narrow the choices down, drop your mind into your heart and take the time to listen. The answer is there.

Know that this is your personal journey and don’t expect to continually have the company and support from your immediate family and friends. Do not get waylaid by them. You are starting to see the truth. You move with what you are experiencing. You are exercising your true heart and you have not used it for 1000s of years. Don’t expect yourself to recognize its beauty and purpose instantly. With practice you will ultimately distinguish your heart truth and feel peaceful and invincible without being overpowered by your mental attributes.

Drama Trauma Part ll

Let me tell you how I developed my heart. I had absolutely no idea of the understanding I was going to gain and knowledge of what was waking up inside me. Even as a little girl I knew I was supposed to make life better on this planet. I used to think I had to be a queen and give everybody what they needed and wanted. Fortunately for the world I grew out of this one! After many such imperfect agendas, I finally started to realize that I needed to activate my heart. I kept on trying and failing, trying and failing with an occasional success that started to appear more and more often, and ultimately learned to listen to my heart.

Fast forward many experiential years. I’d been a spiritual dilettante; I absorbed, assimilated and discarded most of the new age propaganda and all that remained solid was my heart. All I wanted to experience was the truth, the actuality of life on earth.

 One day I got an email talking about Ron Amitron. I was referred to his website. I went there and decided it was more new age tripe. That didn’t last long as my heart said look again. I did. I was shown what I considered still more new age drivel. One time, honestly it probably was 5 or 6 times later, my heart kicked my ass forcing me to do more than look. I decided to put Ron’s nonsense on the shelf of my mind and just see if it would grow. It did grow. My mind often didn’t like what he was saying, but my heart knew it was true so I had to keep going and allow myself to mature. Gradually my eyes opened and I listened to my heart and allowed myself to see Ron’s vision of the world without having to second guess him.

During this time I was reviewing years of BBS radio archives done by Ron. You can receive benefit from the clearing samples in this collection as you listen to them 5 times. After that it is your responsibility to purchase clearings from Ron’s website www.creationlightship.com. Ron says your first mission is to purchase the emotional whole lifetime clearing. We live in such a mishmash of recurrent emotional energy promoted by the aliens that we need to keep ourselves up-to-date by doing it every day.

My heart opening strengthened because I used Ron’s website to start clearing my densities. Now this doesn’t mean you need tons of money to clear yourself. It does mean that you portion considerable time out to listen to him and allow clarity to come into your being as you accept and use the surplus of free clearings from his website. As you can, allow yourself to be guided to purchase the relevant clearings to bring your spirit back into your body.

Positive thinking is not going to get you there. You must have the proper tools to use and see the garbage pile we all live in and use those web tools to clear yourself of as much density as possible so the Light can see you at ascension time. Peace is really way simpler than the mind likes to make it and because it is so unpretentious and quiet, we think that the complexity of the mind must be better. That is intelligence, isn’t it? You could really get bored if you chose to live in peace, in your heart, right? To the mind, peace is boring. Maybe we need to stay there long enough for our spirit to enter and learn to live there so we can start to feel the creativity of what life is really like without the mind chatter.

Start removing your densities so you can see the Light and the Light can see you. Go to www.creationlightship.com  Let's do it!




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