Report on Parking in False Bay meeting

Approximately 50 people attended the meeting on Parking, including Powell River Regional District (PRRD) director Anderson and CAO Al Radke, RCMP officers Junior Hegedus (general duties & liason for Lasqueti) and Blake ? (traffic), Lasqueti Trust Committee (LTC) members and Trust planner Prowse. Unfortunately, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) (who own and have control and responsibility for our roads) did not come.

Many views and opinions were expressed and information exchanged. They were written down and will be available soon - possibly at the LTC meeting next Thursday.

Safety is a huge concern, especially above and down the False Bay hill, where accidents have happened but so far nobody has been killed or permanently injured. Aesthetics and neighbourhood "feel" are also important, as well as convenience.

Some related issues: abandonded and derelict vehicles (including trailers, boats, etc.); unlicensed and uninsured vehicles; vehicles parked for months on end, sometimes years on end. Alternate forms or transportation were not discussed at the meeting.

No organization has authority and money to control the parking situation. MoTI has authority, but it isn't their problem. They have said (in a telephone conference call) that they will permit PRRD to use part of the road Right of Way to administer parking. When this happens, we can institute a parking plan and have some authority and some means to have it work.

The parking issue will be discussed briefly, but no decisions will be made about it, at the LTC meeting Thursday, February 28. Your views and opinions are encouraged, on any part of this topic, but especially on the APC draft proposal for parking in the False Bay area.