The Last Hurrah!

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Because the dark and its parasitic minions are still running around trying to squeeze money out of any place they can, it has become extremely obvious to all of us attempting to help manifest a peaceful solution to the world’s problems, that the dark has absolutely no intention of ever abiding by any agreement they have made with us, or ever co-operating with us, despite their many agreements and promises attempting to prove otherwise. Even though the dark has established momentum through the abusive world it has created, humanity is becoming aware that society is very false. The impetus of this dark victimhood is still asking to be obeyed and will continue to do so until we all wake up and refuse to participate. We could drop our minds into our hearts and stop this baloney today, right now; but fear prevails. The heart center is different from what we are taught it is. The heart lives in the present moment. This means it does not judge anything; or have emotions either! It is so quiet most people do not think it is doing anything of value. It is, true value. Our minds are a distraction from real value. We need to exercise using our heart so we can recognize what an essential tool it is for us. We have forgotten how to use it (Amitron, 2013).

The dark is being very closely monitored because these secret underground societies have wised up to the dark’s penchant for pulling a real doozy of a delaying tactic to our agreements with them at the last moment. To prolong the charade now in play, they have concocted a fictitious picture of an American domestic economy that is 'somehow' rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the past few years. In truth it waits for the striking of the final blow. Over the last several months many of the world’s big banking personnel have disappeared. I wonder whether they have been arrested and are being held in a special camp for legal processing (indictments have been prepared on all of them in anticipation of these times) or, if they realize that their days are numbered and have found an underground hiding place, or whatever…? I have lately come to understand that many of them have been placed under strict supervision by a few of the Agarthan and Federation personnel. They are not going to be allowed to continue their nefarious schemes any longer. We are winning WWIII!

Seeing that we must interact with the dark on their level, we must use the mind as a tool to supersede them. The secret underground groups that have been working undercover to bring peace to this planet are monitoring the world to see that as little as possible looks out of the ordinary in these final stages of getting rid of the dark. A big change is coming. The myriad of beings who are working behind the scenes are looking forward to this imminent day when official world bankruptcy is declared, debt forgiveness becomes official, value-backed currency is in use, new transitional governments are in place and the dark’s official perpetrators are legally defined. This is finally, finally very close to happening.

Mankind has been held in the dark for many thousands of years and most of us have forgotten that life can be better than it is right now. People have been enduring for so long that survival has become the norm. Helpful Beings realize that these people will not be seen by the Light at ascension time. This means that they will continue to be fodder for the alien dark forces forever and will permanently lose their opportunity for peace. Without at least a spark of Light living within them, how can people be seen (Darwin, 2011)? The dark forces have stolen humanity’s light.

The secret societies have been working for decades to find ways to return the Light to humanity. Many of them were mysteriously killed because they were too obvious in bringing us the truth, but these deaths came to pass so often that people became aware of their underhandedness. Our underground forces developed ways to work unseen, building foundations that they hoped could move people out of financial restraints and poverty so they might start to think about something other than survival. It is hoped that with the transitional replacement governments honoring this bankruptcy and the commencement of debt forgiveness, people will be freed up enough to allow their consciousness to expand, to clear their densities and to develop a new society and get some Light into their being. It has to come from within them.

Along the way our secret underground has had to become even more secret because as soon as the dark becomes aware of our progress they kybosh it. Oh yes, our minds would all like to know when, how and where, but we each need to ask our heart, not our mind, if we really need to know. Can we just activate our heart-mind connection so our collective heart can recognize the truth? Our budding conscious awareness is allowing more Light into this timeline. The more people that become aware of the truth of this dark planet and clear themselves of their densities to allow in the Light, the more people will not be perpetual alien food; CASE CLOSED.

Just after WWII the Agarthans asked the world governments to end their secrecy about off planet life and reveal the existence of technology far beyond the internal combustion engine (Byrd, A., n.d.). No governments would listen. So it has taken quite a few years (and deaths) for foundational workers to build an underground footing to get to this point where now these governments have to listen.

Humanity will no longer tolerate being lied to and cheated out of their fuller consciousness. We are rising up out of our amnesia, rediscovering our inner truths and are ready to reunite with inner earth and learn about the universe. We are everywhere, moving into planet-wide meetings where we are convening to thrash out a basic model for birthing our own galactic society. We are willing to change the way we have been living. Not only will we be bringing peace to our earth, we will be bringing peace to our galaxy. Life will become much easier and way more fun than it is right now.

It is time for us to communicate with our family, friends and community and talk about the events that are happening, so people understand and have some tools to deal with the fears we have been living in. This world has been so filled with disinformation that we each need to extensively exercise our tools of heart discernment so that we can see for ourselves what is the best for each of us, our families and community (Amitron, 2013). We need to count our mind from our head down to our heart, aloud, activating our brain’s glial cells so our heart can speak to us in truth. There will be a lot of new startling information coming our way via special announcements that will bring to us divine wisdom, if we will allow our spirit in. This will cancel out a lot of what we now believe to be true. We can go for the good and get it this time.


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