Establishing the Legal Basis for Our Freedom

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      There have been over a hundred arrests and 'resignations' of major figures who serve the dark in government, finance, and international banking. In North America we don’t hear too much about this, so start to notice the little seemingly innocent changes taking place in the banking system. Look about and see the big banking cartel being replaced by some “little guys”. These disappearances are heralding new government and new prosperity for everyone. This coming universal prosperity will kick-start great changes in the way our global finances and political systems operate. It will be based on new gold-backed currencies. Soon there will be a mass global arrest process happening that our media is unable to ignore and it will change our world forever. We no longer need to live in artificially created scarcity.

     A great deal of organizational work has been accomplished to effect this transformation of governments and the institution of debt forgiveness and the disbursement of financial abundance to everyone. Many nations of the East are groomed to accept this new system which ends the long financial dominance of the West, giving them true fiscal equality. To those of us following this process, the pace seems incredibly slow. We are ready. We see too many of our fellow humans who cannot afford to live anymore and are getting desperate as they see no alternatives in sight.

     Many new secret technologies are to be introduced as this new governance gets recognized and starts distributing our abundance. These technologies will sustain our planet and begin to rebuild our habits from living so many thousands of years in darkness. Behind the scenes there are those who are busy approving the use of various devices that can quickly take our planet off dependence on crude oil and petroleum. Full consciousness is right around the corner (Nidle, 2012).

     We are in a brief period of our history that is designed to expand our consciousness and our overall awareness of the nature and function of reality. We need to appreciate the foul nature of our current reality and why it desperately needs a complete and thorough makeover! It cannot be fixed! The interim regimes that are instigated will need to be in synch with one another. This is something unheard of on this planet! You and I are to become participants in our governing. Be prepared to change. It just might be delightful.

     A new sense of selfhood is spreading rapidly within humanity. We are being guided to our full potential within. There is a monumental task of redressing the many falsehoods and innuendos woven into our religious philosophies by the dark. The ‘dark’ includes bazillions of UUTs (universal unwanted travelers), often called aliens. They have developed more ways than you and I can imagine in stealing our energy as they have gradually reduced us to slaves. It is to our detriment that we don’t like to admit we have given away our free will to slavery.

     It is time to look at PEACE. Does PEACE have any duality? Is there ‘almost peace’ or ‘super peace’? Or is PEACE just PEACE? You cannot find peace in your mind no matter how hard you try. Don’t waste any more time. We need to get out of the time-based reality we are forced to live in and start thinking with our heart once again. Put your mind into an elevator and count it down, out loud, into your heart. Continue doing this until you feel peace. Stay there. Only come out of that bliss when you have to do something in this time based reality that needs your attention. Then go back there. Duality does not live in your heart (Amitron, 2012).

     We are entering a time of authorized governmental changes which will enact the legal basis of our freedom and individual sovereignty. Soon there will be official proclamation of this. It is a historic moment. Enjoy learning about yourself and your home, earth.


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