The Bankruptcy of this Planet

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We are going through some massive consciousness shifts to prepare ourselves for the ongoing proceedings of earth’s bankruptcy. We see our fellow humans struggling just to stay afloat. The debt forgiveness of bankruptcy for the 7 billion members of humanity will lighten the tragedy of people’s lives to the point that everyone can start to realize that the intense struggle is ending. We really can have dreams of a better life manifesting very soon. We will be allowing massive change to happen as governing shifts and we can start to take responsibility for each other in a new, deeper, clearer, more meaningful way.

The dark sabotage schemes are being interfered with by the earth allies. The allies have several projects up their sleeves to surprise the dark. We won’t be apprised about them until after they happen. Earth allies plan to use all the energies from the dark’s negative adventures against them. The cabal is being pushed from power.

The end of the year celebration energy is being magnified this year and will be returned to humanity. Usually the dark forces control and usurp the energy from the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays to use for their purposes. The sacred secret societies, the earth allies and our galactic friends are prepared to do an Aikido move on the dark forces. They will flow with the energy the dark is amassing, and watch them collapse as their very own force drags them down. Expect massive changes to occur. Watch and see the prepared and concealed foundation for new governing, health changes, environmental fixes and debt forgiveness surfacing enough to become visible.

We will experience the Light exposing a fresh reality of consciousness. The way is being cleared for a modern governance to be revealed to us by the secret sacred societies, earth allies and our Agarthan neighbors. This is just a transitional restructuring of life on earth so we can move from the current stressful society into an arena of peacefulness, and calm down enough to actually become aware of what is occurring and then joyfully move into fuller consciousness.

All the societies in the world are built on a hierarchical model. Years ago the dark forces decreed that separation was to become the normal way of life on earth. This has been going on for so many thousands of years that we have forgotten the peacefulness of living in community. Stress has become normal for us. Full consciousness is being returned. The Anchara remnants of the dark forces are being ousted from this earth and a new galactic society of ease, grace, peace and prosperity is ours. It may be a little challenging for us to recognize it in the rubble that we have to sort through, but it will be there.

Thousands of legal documents have been prepared over the last 2 decades for this moment. Everyone who has been working against humanity has a legal indictment on file. As they have chosen to continue in their nefarious ways they will be quickly brought to the International Court of Justice for trial and sentencing. The dark will be exposed with the dark’s tools. Darkness will not be tolerated on this planet any longer.

Surface humanity is opening to truth. Over the last 13 thousand years, Source has heard our plea as our hearts surfaced every so often asking for help and answers. Hidden foundation governments are waiting and ready to help in the process. There will be many transmissions with subject matter that may be disconcerting for us, but earth allies must tackle head-on some of the major misconceptions we have been encumbered with. You and I are on our way to becoming fully conscious. The environment is prepared.


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