Urgent action needed to Stop FIPA

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Mr. Harper is completely selling out Canada, behind closed doors, with no parliamentary debate.  He is poised to sign a trade deal with China as big as NAFTA - developed behind closed doors and in secret for years, details of this deal only emerged a few weeks ago!!

The potential consequences are so serious and far-reaching it boggles the mind.  Like the dreaded chapter 11 in NAFTA, this deal gives Chinese investors the right to sue local, provincial, or federal governments for any legislation or regulation they feel impinges on their expected profits.

"As Barry Appleton, the Toronto-based lawyer who represented Ethyl Corporation said at the time, if you were making a profit adding liquid plutonium to children’s breakfast cereal and a government made that illegal, you can claim damages under Chapter 11." (source)

And so it will be under FIPA - except with China on the other end of the deal.
Please consider informing yourself on the FIPA trade deal with China, and perhaps signing a petition:  


There are just 2 week left until this terrible trade deal is ratified by a simple swish of the pen.  Let the government know that Canada is NOT for sale!


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