Cougar sighting in False Bay

On Monday the 17th at 9 AM a cruiser anchored between the dock and Jen Brown's watched a cougar come out of the bush, walk along the beach, and go back into the bush. He is familiar with cougars and watched it with his binoculars. Later in the day he took Milan, Karl and a dog to where he saw it, but we couldn't find anything. I spoke with a cougar hunter friend of the cruiser to get a better idea of what to expect. First off he said it might just be passing through; if it had a full belly it might have kept on going. They are at home in the water. If it is still here he would expect it to kill every 3 to 4 days. It will cover the kill with branches and leaves, and not go too far from it. It will go to water as a carnivore needs it to digest properly, but will return to feed as the shadows get long. He suggested on finding a fresh kill to drag it to where one has a clear shot at it and tie the carcass to a tree so the cougar can't drag it away. Hunker down and wait.


cougar manoeuvre

Wondering if there isn't a way to actually save this cougar, instead of shooting it.
Could someone from wildlife rescue not be contacted?
Or maybe the cougar has wisely moved on...

cougar sighting

Any new insights or sightings of our cougar? I was walking in the woods in the dark last night wondering....

Re: Cougar sighting

First, it would be nice if there was at least another confirmed sighting of the cougar versus just generating fear about it. Second, if there is, we need to bring in professional hunters/trappers versus a posse of untrained people tromping through other peoples property shooting at whatever they think might be a cougar, because that's far more likely to end in injury or death to people or pets than the threat the cougar currently posses.


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