Are we ready for changes?

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     The dark cabal is reeling from some major accusations that are reaching the mainstream media in a number of European nations. These accounts of wrongdoing include the daily fraud involved in setting the interest rates for most of the economies of our world. And yet these revelations are only the beginning of what is to follow. Our world is engulfed in a tide of ever-mounting debt that is the result of these self-serving activities, and it is for this and many other reasons that the dark ones have reached the end of their protracted rule. They have long withheld from us a wide range of advanced technologies and related appliances, and our galactic friends have insisted that one of the first acts of the new governance is to bring these discoveries into the limelight. These technologies can vault our societies forward to a point where first contact makes more sense.

     This shift in consciousness by its very nature is tied to divine service. As we transform back into our fully conscious Selves, only then can we begin to understand why we fell into limited consciousness in the first place, and how the wisdom garnered there can assist us in creating Light Bodies. This is a venerable task which requires our unique wisdom and our infinite reservoirs of Love. The Agarthans (inner earth beings) realize that once we return to full consciousness there is much we can teach them, and they look forward to coming together with us to form a great star-nation. This new entity is to secure a galactic peace and make it possible to move nearly half the galaxy into the Light. It will be a time for carrying out divine prophecy!

     The heads of state of several western nations are being made aware that their resignations will shortly be expected and the earth allies along with galactic friends are poised to use advanced technology to ensure that these detentions proceed exactly as planned. The purpose of these detentions is to separate the dark cabal members from their positions of power and thus create an opportunity for corrupt banking and financial institutions to be reformed. This will be accompanied by across-the-board debt forgiveness. The ever-mounting debt of most nations is the result of massive spending, brought on by the political and fiscal policies of the cabal. What is needed is a means to rectify this, and debt forgiveness accomplishes this. It also sets the stage for the universal abundance that will quickly follow.

     This abundance is the prime financial vehicle. It is necessary to raise up the expectations of a world that for too long believed in the supremacy of the few and the intractable poverty of the many. This belief is to be replaced by a new one. There is no need to be poor, or to accept lack and limitation as a given. Rather, we need to see that the wealth and freedom being provided is only a stepping-stone to a new level of Being. Higher levels of consciousness understand how to create and use money, and abundance ushers in this capability for us all. Wealth ends poverty, but not poverty-thinking. Hence, we need to expand our perceptions about wealth and prosperity to involve our heart, and realize that money is merely a transitional tool between our present existence and the new one that is ready to manifest. We will see that money per se is soon to disappear, as new technologies make it possible for us all to obtain the basics for a comfortable life. Further, we will move from being job-oriented to passion-oriented.

     Each one whose name appears on the very long arrest lists are having their auric field 'marked,' and this temporarily prevents them further seriously damaging the planet or us who live on it. However, these dark ones also need to be physically restrained by the proper authorities. Earth allies are now completing the procedures that can deliver what is required. The time for our liberation is at hand!

     All manner of mischief has concentrated energy in particular spots around our globe and our galactic friends are removing this negativity, which is clearing the way for all of us to move into the Light. Galactic friends are assisting, and joining with our Inner Earth family to help in freeing Gaia from this muck. They report that they have nearly finished this job. Even though they have not given up, the cabal realizes that its powers are weakening, and the time comes to transform this magnificent world back into the beacon of Light that it was when Lemuria was founded some 900,000 years ago.

     The timelines that we are presently living on are collapsing into a single time-reality that is wholly of the Light.. We are close to the transition point when this dark-controlled surface world morphs into a realm of Light, Abundance, and full consciousness! Hence the dark knows that its time of dominion over us is truly OVER. Notice how the air may feel as though it is lovingly caressing your body, the ground may feel more precious to your feet, and the exchanges we have with others, even strangers, may feel more loving and supportive. The dramas that are still being acted out in the world will continue to wind down until they are no more. This is truly not only the opportunity of a lifetime, it is the opportunity of many lifetimes! We are being given access to our higher dimensional capacities to bring in the next Golden Age.


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