Community Stewardship Awards

Nominations are accepted until April 27 for the Islands Trust Community Stewardship Awards.

Details and nomination forms are at  There is also a list of past award winners and nominees from 2011 back to 2002.

Here are the basic eligibility rules:

Nominee Eligibility
 The Islands Trust Community Stewardship Awards program is open to any individual, school (or classroom), community group, non-profit or business entity that has demonstrated efforts to enhance a community in the Trust Area in a manner consistent with the object of the Islands Trust, except that current staff members, contractors and trustees are not eligible as individual nominees and organizations are not eligible as nominees if current staff members, contractors or trustees play a leadership role in the organization.
 Nominations can relate to either a single project, or to work carried out over a period.
 Each nominator may make two nominations per category.
 At the time of nomination, the project or work must be ongoing or must have been completed within the previous twelve months.
 Nominees are eligible for one award annually per project or type of work.
 Nominees will be judged on the following criteria: relationship of project or work to the Islands Trust Policy Statement, benefits to the community or Trust Area, collaboration with others, innovation and the level of community support and involvement.

“The object of the Islands Trust is to preserve and protect the Trust Area and its unique amenities and environment for the benefit of the residents of the Trust Area and of British Columbia generally, in cooperation with municipalities, regional districts, improvement districts, other persons and organizations and the government of British Columbia.”
- The Islands Trust Act

Please send your completed nomination form to:
Jas Chonk via e-mail to: jchonk [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca
Fax 250.405.5155 or
Mail to #200 – 1627 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8R 1H8





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