Request for information about derelict vessels in Lasqueti area

The Islands Trust is leading a push by coastal local governments to clean up the growing number of derelict vessels around the coast. I just received this request for information about derelict vessels in the Lasqueti area.

You can respond to me and I will collate and pass the information along, or you can respond directly to Clare Frater at the Trust office in Victoria. You can phone or fax her toll-free by calling Enquiry BC 1800-667-7867 and asking them to connect  you to Clare's number.

The most important thing is to let government, and especially Transport Canada, know how many derelict vessels there are around Lasqueti, and what type and what size, and what danger or hazard they are.   -   Peter


The Union of British Columbia Municipalities has sent out a survey to local governments on behalf of Transport Canada with a short turn-around time. Could you please take a moment to reply to the questions below by January 23rd, or forward to community members in your local trust area with a request to respond to me by January 23rd.


To help me complete the survey for Islands Trust, any answers you or your community members have to the following questions would be helpful:


  1. Approximately, how many derelict and abandoned vessels are in your jurisdiction (outside of small craft harbours)? Of these, how many should be removed? Please describe them and give a sense of their size.


  1. Are the numbers of derelict and abandoned vessels in your jurisdiction increasing, decreasing or staying the same? Why?


  1. What are the most common types of derelict vessels in your jurisdiction (e.g. recreational, commercial, fishing vessels)?


  1. Where are they most usually found (e.g. beaches, marinas, shallow waters, or a specific coastal area)?
  2. In what condition (e.g. sunk, partially sunk, grounded, beached, moored, anchored, drifting) are they most usually found?


  1. How long have the derelict and abandoned vessels been in your jurisdiction?


  1. Have any derelict and abandoned vessels been removed from your jurisdiction? If so, please describe the removal process (e.g. what agencies were involved in the removal, what was the cost, what circumstance led to the removal).

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


Clare Frater

Policy Analyst

Islands Trust

200-1627 Fort Street, Victoria, BC  V8R 1H8

phone:  250-405-5192      fax:  250-405-5155

Email: cfraterthays [at] islandstrust [dot] bc [dot] ca (


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