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Hi all,


I am just testing the electronic waters and would appreciate feedback for a way of communicating my clinic schedule.  I will be at the clinic April 28th and then will be off to Italy to study unrelated health stuff - art and architecture.


Jane Trussler RN, who covered for me a few years ago, will run the clinic in May.  She will have my cell phone and you may reach her at jane_trussler [at] yahoo [dot] com.   She is available throughout May this way and will be at the clinic on the 16th and 23rd.


I will be back in June on the 6th.


ciao my friends,



Hi Dana

Looks like you've avoided the first set of rocky shoals and got a news item posted - great!

Here are some ways you can use the website to communicate with folks here:

1) You have a page, which has basic info. about the service offered, contact, etc.
     You should be able to edit this page now (use the Edit tab on the page), but I'll be happy to maintain this page for you if you don't feel comfortable.

2) You can post clinic info & times using the "News or Events" post type (just like this one!).  You can select up to 4 dates for the event, so you could post all clinic times for a month, say, in one post (I know, I know, we need repeating dates - they are coming soon I hope).  The clinic dates will show up (1) in the community calendar, (2) in the Upcoming Events block on the front page, and (3)  In the "Nurse's Events" block on your page (I posted a test event so you can see how it looks)

3) You can write about health issues in your blog (Post to Website... Blog entry)  - your latest article can easily be displayed on your page - see

Best wishes... Joseph

webmaster (at)

DanaI have raised some cash


I have raised some cash from my clothes sale for the food bank and was wondering what I can buy to help out. Flour, legumes, pasta ect. Let me know what you are needing and I will refill.

thanks Jessie McCooey

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